INES NAVARRO - Caras Ocultadas (2009)

Directly from the psychedelic mind of Ines Navarro (Buenos Aires, Argentina) comes a 60 minute journey through weird pop / no-wave / tropical psych and beyond! The songs on this tape were compiled from many albums Ines has sent me in the past 2 years but recordings range from 2000 to 2935… the future is among us!

Edition of 40 Green Tapes

Includes Download Link



1) Arquitecture 1

2) Telescopages

3) Subsuelo Fibroso

4) Sueño De La Montaña

5) Choco

6) Vomitando En Primera Clase

7) Imp Ex w/ Wonder Wheel


1) Un Rayo Me Devolvio Al Futuro

2) Pipi

3) En Neon w/ Derek Spade

4) Hantavirus Ivonne

5) Iluvia De Bebes

6) Live 2

7) Coco-A


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